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Coros institute

Le Coros Institute est une association américaine dont certaines activités sont semblables à celles de PEUV, notamment le travail transversal ainsi que l’expérimentation de nombreux modes de dialogues comme base de la rencontre entre individus, et ce dans l’objectif d’accompagner la métamorphose culturelle et sociale.

objet du Coros Institute (informations tirées du site) :

« Coros Institute has the following aims :

To provide forums to stimulate dialogue with individuals and organizations actively incorporating spiritual values into work in the fields of art, social science, science or business. To provide education that encourages personal transformation. To foster scientific, social or artistic research based on spiritual values arising from the contemplative life. The dialogues are open to the general public. The general format is that outstanding representatives in various fields present topics of interest and then interact with the participants in various experimental modes of dialogue.

Coros Institute fosters social, scientific or artistic research based on spiritual values focusing on areas that fall outside the realms of traditional disciplines, most especially inter-disciplinary research which arises from spiritual insights. »